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Performance calculations


  • Based on an estimate for Jira Software. Learn about the performance testing methodologies here.
  • There are 200 work days in a year.






  (# of users × (15 actions × 5 seconds))

÷ 3600 seconds

= Hours consumed (Server)





  Hours consumed (Server)

x 200 days

= Hours consumed per year (Server)





  (# of users × (15 actions × 0.5 seconds))

÷ 3600 seconds

= Hours consumed (Data Center)





  Hours consumed (Data Center)

× 200 days

= Hours consumed per year (Data Center)





  Hours consumed (Server)

–  Hours consumed (Data Center)

= Hours saved per year with Data Center

Resilience calculations


  • $49.79 is the average hourly salary of a software developer in the United States, according to the 2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.






  ($49.79 x # of users)

  ÷  60 minutes                                                        

=  Cost per hour of downtime




   Price of Data Center license

÷  Cost per hour of downtime 

=  Hours to break even




   (# of users × $49.79)

–  Price of Data Center license 

=  Money saved by upgrading to Data Center

Admin benefits


  • The administrator is experienced and has performed several upgrades.
  • The new Data Center instance is set up based on Atlassian recommendations.
  • Steps expected to occur: (i) upgrade planning, (ii) upgrading, and (iii) post upgrade testing.
  • The average number of hours spent upgrading a Server instance is based on the size of the instance:
    • Small (0 - 6,000 users)
    • Medium (6000 - 25,000 users)
    • Large (25,000+ users)
  • Average upgrade hours (small Server instance): 
    • 1 instance: 17
    • 2 instances: 34
    • 3 instances: 51
    • 4 instances: 68
    • 5 instances: 85
  • Average upgrade hours (medium Server instance):
    • 1 instance: 28
    • 2 instances: 66
    • 3 instances: 99
    • 4 instances: 132
    • 5 instances: 165
  • Average upgrade hours (large Server instance):
    • 1 instance: 45
    • 2 instances: 90
    • 3 instances: 135
    • 4 instances: 190
    • 5 instances: 245
  • On average, upgrading a Data Center instance takes 15% longer than upgrading a Server instance of the same size.
  • Smaller organizations spend less time on upgrade planning compared to the medium and larger organizations because the level of risk is lower for them.
  • Upgrading multiple instances takes longer because each instance is unique and must be upgraded individually.
  • The larger the organization and the more instances it owns the longer post upgrade testing will take due to an extended period of user acceptance testing.
  • These instances have a large number of apps that also need to be upgraded.
  • In the event of multiple Server instances, the average size of each instance has been determined by dividing the total number of users by the total number of instances.





    Upgrade hours (all instances)

  - Upgrade hours (1 instance) x 0.15 

= Hours saved by consolidating and moving to Data Center

We've crunched the numbers for your Atlassian product and instances


Better performance at scale saves your teams 1,875 hours each year

On average, we found that Data Center instances can return requests 10 times faster than a single server instance at scale.

Let's say each of your users performs 15 actions on Jira Software. If your single server instance takes 5 seconds to return requests, Data Center could save you almost 1,875 hours each year from waiting on requests alone. Those seconds can add up! Reduce slow response times and increase team productivity by 90% with Jira Software Data Center.


Downtime is expensive. Moving to Data Center can save $12,895 per year

Downtime inevitably occurs and when it does, it can cost your organization $24,895 worth of lost productivity in a single hour. Data Center could pay for itself by preventing 29 minutes of downtime each year.

As you grow, it’s important to have strategies in place to ensure your teams have access to tools they need. Even if you only experience an hour of downtime each year, you can still save $12,895 per year by upgrading to Data Center.

Administrative Time

Consolidating to a single Data Center instance can save you NaN hours each time you upgrade

Upgrades entail a long list of time-consuming tasks—verifying app and database compatibility, architecture upgrades, reindexing and more.

If you spend an average of 17 hours upgrading an individual Server instance and own undefined instances, our estimates show you can spend up to 0 hours upgrading all of them to a new version. Consolidating on a Data Center instance is just one example of how you can reduce administrative time.

Next Steps

Standardize without sacrifice

Standardization on a single platform comes with its advantages, but a common concern is that it will limit team autonomy, the freedom to work the way they want.

Data Center provides all the benefits of standardization without sacrificing unique working styles. Atlassian tools fit to your teams, not the other way around.

Tech spec overview

Disastery Recovery

Partial or complete system outage? Keep business running smoothly with a disaster recovery strategy.


Simplify login experience and ensure compliance by using your existing identity provider for authentication.

Verified Ecosystem

Data Center approved apps are purpose-built and verified for response times, scale, and supported databases.


Scale as you grow by instantly adding nodes to your cluster without downtime or hits to performance.

High Availability

Give your teams uninterrupted access with active-active clustering.

Infrastructure Choice

Deploy on-premise or with IaaS vendors like AWS or Azure.

Other tools in your toolbelt

Project Archiving
Reduce clutter in Jira and optimize performance by cleaning out irrelevant, dated projects in just a few clicks.

Zero Downtime Upgrades
Eliminate downtime by upgrading one node at a time - letting users continue to work without interruption.

Custom Fields Optimizer
Scan your instance for the custom fields that are hindering performance and remove their global contexts with one click.

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